* ornery;


{` sehun couldn’t help the snicker that escaped even if he tried — the amusement level is high and on the rise, given the fact that he had yet to reply (sehun can only assume that he was seized by shock or disgust — whichever that’ll keep him from saying yes really); though he grins at the answer anyway, shifting as he punches in his reply}

[text] because i want to. 

[text] because i find you attractive.

[text] good enough?

( /he groans, both out of annoyance at sehun for being like this and the fact that he was genuinely considering complying.  it takes him minutes before he finally racks up a reply )

[text] how much does this cover


chanyeol’s days always passed in the same, dull pitter patter—he would wake up, prepare for the day, go to school, go to the park estate, go to the office, work, and come back home, tired and weary.  he was a child of dedication, but of course there were times where he faltered; he was young and wanted to be out doing things that weren’t tedious and taxing, and sometimes, that meant he wanted to do nothing at all.

today was one of those days where the desire for nullity seized him.  he had slept in and gave up on the thoughts of doing anything with the sort of elation that showed he had been waiting for an excuse to do so.  so now he merely wandered through the park near his house, enjoying the sights of normal people (which at this hour, consisted of mostly the elderly and the infantile) and wondering what he should eat for brunch.  was he even hungry?  he squinted at the thought but soon found himself grinning.

(such worries were nice ones to have)

(being seemingly insignificant and all)

eventually, he opted to just buy a can of coffee and sit at a bench.  it was a nice cool morning, and the hot coffee felt nice and warm to the touch—it offered itself as an ally against the chill that caressed his cheeks.  he sat and he watched—the old couple walking down the path, the child telling his mother, that yes, he did know the days of the week and the particular fellow that wandered through the park, eyes full of a sense of awe that chanyeol almost found endearing. 



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« la soif »


{’ stares up at the male with a subtle gratitude, lips curling into a kind smile after a minute before accepting the tangerine and settling in her basket—with that, she stands, careful not to trip because god forbid she needs to embarrass herself further just because it’d been programmed into her… for a small moment she resents that joke of engineering but she’s digressing from the tall tall male standing next to her } “Yes, thank you. I was hoping that no one saw that.” {’ gives a light chuckle, meeting his eyes curiously—they’re strange somehow; mismatched—before giving a quiet hum and nod } “C’est la vie.” {’ looks back down at her shopping list, going out on a limb when she points to a particular ingredient while turning it to show him } “Mind helping me find this?”

( /a small part of him finds itself sighing, cute,because that what the dimpled petite lady in front of him was.  cute in the same way he found a rabbit with hay in jaw cute.  ) ah! ( /a laugh) im sure it was just me, so dont worry about it miss.  ( /his eyebrow raises in surprisewas that french? he hadnt heard the slippery tongue since his father had given up on turning his child into a multilingual deal sealing machine.  ) cest ca( /a slightly nervous laugh ) is that right?  ( /his eyes travel down to her list reluctantly, hoping that he can help her though he doesnt know much himself.  chanyeol has to squint to see, leaving him with a slight feeling of regrethe shouldve brought his glasses along a feeling that dissipates the moment he manages to decipher the text.  he grins, having remembered seeing that particular product in the aisle before. ) turns out i can!  ill show you.

* ornery;


{` he disregards the first message completely, attention focused on the question as he thinks — finally deciding on choosing the most absurd thing, if only to get him to decline it}

[text] i want to fuck you.

( /chanyeol squints at the screen, as if trying to discern something from the obvious, blunt text; however, a minute of staring and pulling the phone closer and closer to his face make nothing else appear evident. )

[text] but why

* ornery;


{` even the amount of nerve he had to text him was amusing}

[text] look at the time, it is not calc time

{` a moment of silence}

[text] what will you give me in exchange?

( /he snorts, a sort of tired amusement that sehun seemed to be good at drawing out of him ) 

[text] don’t have to tell me that—tell it to prof song 

[text] uhhh what do you want

« la soif »


La lutte.

{’ it doesn’t take long—a day, perhaps—for minah to find herself with a list of groceries, standing at the motorized doors for a mesmerized moment before she steps inside, scanning her surroundings; bright, noisy and everything that she isn’t at all used to as she’s nudged aside by a metal cart and the ahjumma steering it } “I’m sorry.” {’ her programming dictates that she give a bow, dimples creasing her cheeks as she smiles and turns to head to the produce section—curious brown eyes flick over the list carefully while she picks up a small basket, categorizing each of the ingredients in her database while picking up a few tangerines too many—it doesn’t take anything more than a single slip of her finger for all but one to hit the ground } “…” {’ purses her lips, pushing a strand of long, brown hair behind her ear while setting the basket on the floor—focused for the moment, on picking up each one } “Shin Minah, really?

( /the kitchen was not his domain—that had become evident the time he had tried to make himself something other than kimchi rice in his flat—and yet he strove to prove himself wrong.  it was a stupid quest, one that he himself suspected would end up fruitless; but he didn’t hurt to try.  well it didn’t hurt that bad. [he wore bandages from last night’s attempt as a contradiction to that optimistic strain of thought]. ) … gochujang… gochujang… ? ( /yet the one thing about the kitchen was that it was something familiar to him. the grocer’s on the other hand?  total foreign territory.  he was a lost puppy in a big dog’s world, a shitty metaphor that came to mind as he pondered his situation, because that was all he knew what to do.  even when he tried to cook on his own, he had had the goods delivered to him or picked up from home, so this experience was one that could only leavehim in contemplation, confusion and mild regret.  and so he wandered and wandered and wandered until he came upon a stray tangerine.  for some reason he felt a connection to the thing—-it was lost, he was lost.  the giant of a man bent over to pick the small fruit, rolling it about his fingers.  a simple glance over led him to the source of the great tangerine fall of 2013, and he wandered over the woman, offering the citrus. )  this is yours, right? 

* ornery;


{` snorts at the text, rolling over onto his stomach as he rolls his eyes}

[text] just because the professor decided to pass my number around to anyone who needs extra help doesn’t mean we even initiated a friendship in the first place.

[text] what do you want from me anyway. 

( /it seems that frowning was to be a constant during this exchange ) 

[text] don’t deny me like this bro

[text] calc help

[text] i don’t KNOW how i could have made that any clearer tbh

* ornery;


{` lifting his hand to muffle a yawn, sehun eventually pushed himself to sit upright and finished off the rest of his cereal (on the off chance he’d pass out with his hand in the bowl again) before reaching for the phone, lips quirked in amusement}


( /the sound he makes is a cross between a sigh and a hiss )

[text] aren’t we supposed to be in the honeymoon stage of friendship so just… why…

[text] i’m so tired 

[text] (of your shit)